Vlemmix Collection & Development

Basic male collection 

It’s always good to have your basics right. Vlemmix Mannequins selected a few basic positions. A good price range and great quality. You can choose if you would like to use these Mannequins with or without head as all of them have a detachable head. On stock.

casual basic specs

casual basic specs hl

smartl basic specs

smartl basic specs hl

It's all about the position, the group and the power. Body language, the fit, the attitude ! All such words makes a window Mannequin shine for a brand and pleasure and inspire the customers you want. The basic collection is our own development created with the vision we have about window Mannequins and how these collection would fit the nowadays retail landscape. In April 2016 we launched a new development program in order to bring complete new collections to the market with a great idea.

The first new collections will be finished in April 2017. A mixture of casual, feminine and easy to combine fashion poses to create the best image you can create within your concept. Vlemmix believes that the power of succes lies in the power of surprise and inspiration. Show the customer "only" what they would expect isn't enough. We need to step up and bring in the element of surprise.

A little bit more about our new coming collections.

Male Casual

A twist, a wink, an easy to combine casual collection. Our "new" Abstract Casual Male collection is the top of the iceberg. Our casual collection will be perfect as a group and you can change the attitude easy within the group. Besides the great mono positions, the element of surprise lies in the additional collections we add. We will show these collections later in 2017.


Female Casual

For every casual moment the right position. Our "new" Abstract Casual Female collection will be launched in January 2017.