We CAN make what you want
and CREATE what you need

A lot changed the last 5 years in our Mannequin Business. As fast as trends can come and go in fashion, normally trends in our Visual world isn't going that fast. That changed ! Nowerdays we need to keep busy to become or stay the most interesting concept as our world is bored fast enough to skip your brand or store in an instant. "We need to change to stay the same" one clever guy from Holland once said. 
So there is the need to keep up with all the visual merchandise trends and ways to present your brand. We create in an instant new ideas and new products for the market, but we create them with care. Every brand or retailer should have the possibility to be unique for it's kind, we care about that. Everything you see, we can make it, every good idea is worth trying, don't you think?
Our development proces has a few stages and all of them are going really fast. We discuss ideas which would be suitable for your brand or stores. Then we finalize the ideas for making prototypes. It takes about two weeks to get the samples ready, so we need to wait. After testing and happy faces we take the "new" collection in to production. Let's get in contact about that.

We like creative ideas

It all starts with an idea about how it should or could be... Let's discuss ideas. 

Make it yours

Mannequins are more then a display for clothes. Together with your concept, window mannequins are the images in your book which is called "storytelling" and of course the reason your customer will stop and buy. It tells your customer who you are and what you have in store for them. Storytelling, attraction, experience, brand awareness are words you will hear quit often nowerdays. To stand out in your market it's important to choose your own uique way of communication and to reach that goal we need to customize your mannequins. That's why we say; MAKE IT YOURS.

We've created many custom products for various brands. It's our objective to listen, to observe the market and to come up with the "wow" ideas.


We've created mannequins for various brands and retailers


Vlisco international

A Fish Named Fred 

Miss Etam Group

Only For Men




Bel & Bo






Jac Hensen