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London here we come !

In September Vlemmix visited London to meet some potential clients and to have a peak of what’s going on in the streets of London.  Everybody knows that London is famous for their huge presence of Retail. Just to drop some names, but what to think of Selfridges, Topman/Topshop, Harrods, New Look, Primark and many more retailers from the big island. The English retail is doing well and you can see that in the streets of London.

In 2015 2.8 million people were working in the retail of London. And they gather about 340 billion pounds together with 290.000 stores. That’s crazy isn’t !

As Mannequins and Visual Merchandising is our specialty we would like to share what we’ve seen. As we all know we are living in an abstract period when it comes to window mannequins. We notice that it’s difficult now to distinguish who is who as almost everyone has so many similarities in their windows. The signage on the door makes the difference and not the way the biggies look. Is that bad? I don’t really think so. Most of the biggies fulfil the needs of the present customers. To make a bit of a difference everything should be perfect in performance.

Cool to see

During one of our meetings someone mentioned to visit Dover Street Market in London located at the Haymarket. After a 10 minutes’ walk we arrived at the store. We started at the top of this 5-level building. If you like creativity combined with design this is the place you should see. If you have enough money in your pocket you can buy beautiful designer clothes, shoes and perfumes ! To see which designers and brands are present at the Dover Street Market, you can click here.

To walk through the building is like eye candy. Everything is "spiced up" in a very creative way. To me it showed that creativity doesn't always needs to cost a lot of money, but that imagination is the key factor in this success. The creativity pulls you from left to right and every floor has a different look and feel in my opinion. If you own a shop it should be inspiring to see what you can do with your store to spice up your VM.