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From scratch till realisation

What a surprise In our latest and first newsletter (#1), we revealed some images of our new Comfortable female Mannequin collection. We were stunned by the great response we received about our new poses. Nothing is cooler to see than a fresh and new ...

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Basic Collection Male

Basic Collection Male It's always exiting when "new" mannequins are coming in and are ready to go to the Photo-studio. Last friday our renewed basic male collection was ready to take a peek in the lens. We selected 8 poses from our existing collecti ...

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OFM - Donkervoort

RACING The Dutch retailer Only For Men launched a collaboration with the Dutch car brand Donkervoort and needed a custom mannequin to implement in to their new and fresh shop in shop. Based on the knowledge Donkervoort has about the racing position ...

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3 out of 8

3 out of 8 Nothing is more exiting then to see the result of hard work and a lot of great ideas. In April 2016, we lounged our new development program based on the ideas we have. Vlemmix decided to create a complete new range of Mannequins, because ...

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Sinsay Project

LPP's Sinsay & Vlemmix Mannequins Last October Vlemmix Mannequins and the Polish super brand Sinsay did a really cool project together. We have been asked to participate in creating a beautiful window with the concept "Blow me away".  Crea ...

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Sandwich Canada

Sandwich In September 2016 Vlemmix created a custom mannequin for the Dutch Brand Sandwich. Sandwich created a new concept and is rolled out first in Montreal Canada. For their new window mannequins Vlemmix Created a mannequin which is almost fully ...

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London here we come ! In September Vlemmix visited London to meet some potential clients and to have a peak of what’s going on in the streets of London.  Everybody knows that London is famous for their huge presence of Retail. Just to dro ...

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