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3 out of 8

Nothing is more exiting then to see the result of hard work and a lot of great ideas. In April 2016, we lounged our new development program based on the ideas we have. Vlemmix decided to create a complete new range of Mannequins, because something is missing in our retail landscape. Later we will tell you what we think that is. So we start to develop 5 complete new collections. 2 women’s and 2 men’s collections and a kid’s collection.   

Old School

Nowadays there are more techniques to create a single Mannequin position. You can create a position digital on the computer and print it out, or you can create a single position made by hand by a sculpture. We see our profession as a craft. A product made by hand which makes the imperfection of craft a beautiful piece of art.  

Our Relaxed Women Collection

Vlemmix want to create a new casual collection with 2 faces. Women with balls and women with a feminin touch. The combination of the poses will set the tone and it will be easy to switch. Here is an overview of the sketches we've made for the Ralaxed woman. 

vlemmix relaxed


The possibilities are endless

For example... If you are looking for a more comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, you can combine those position to do your magic.

Just by changing one postion the whole group will change from a feminine touch to a femine group with more balls. Attitude.

Or even more attitude.

3 out of 8

Soon we will reveal the new positions of our relaxed collection. Everything needs to be perfect, even the photography. If you are wondering why it’s called 3 out of 8, it means that we are also developing 2 special additional poses which will make this Casual collection complete.