We are Dutch, we are Creative
and proud to be a part of the fashion industry

Since 1962 we are part of the fashion industry. For a long time we were market leader in the Benelux, and now we are on our way with Vlemmix 3.0 to become the market leader in the world. Are we there yet? No, but our ambition is endless. We want to bring what fashion needs and since 2016 we are creating and developing many ideas.
We LOVE Visual Merchandise. We truly believe that VM is one of the biggest keys in "retail succes". The better you look for your customers, the more they will admire your brand and want to buy from it. That's how it works. Since 2016 we are focussed on creating new types of window mannequin collections which will shake the retail environment. Soon available.
We are building our brand as well. For many years we where a company who was selling other Mannequin brands to the fashion market. We believe we can do better and bring more relevant collections then most others. We want to stand out with our brand. If you are interested, sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.